New Decade, New adventures

I cannot believe it’s been over a year since I wrote a post! It feels like a couple not 13 months ago!

A lot happened in 2019 both good and bad. I lost my dear Grandpa at the end of 2019 and I really struggled.

On the plus side I left my ‘dream job’ and began a new challenge that I absolutely love!

On paper the role I was in was my dream role but in reality it made me into a person I really didn’t like. I was negative, worried, stressed, felt worthless and that impacted everything in my life. I was so sad that I drank and smoked to ‘relax’ and ‘feel better’ but all it actually did was mask the underlying issues and make me irritable and miserable.

The biggest change is simply how much happier I am, now that I’m not worrying and stressing all of the time about things that are not worth the extra units of alcohol, cigarettes or wrinkles! I used to leave work wound up like a top, ring mum or a friend on the hour long journey home and rant about what had annoyed or upset me that day, walk through the door and relay the same rant to James before opening the fridge reaching for the wine and heading outside to smoke.

Now I leave work and put on some music for the drive home (I even sing most days!), walk through the door and put on my trainers to take Monty out for a long walk, get back and start cooking and then welcome James home with dinner cooked and a smile on my face.

I go to bed at a decent time, sleep really well and wake up feeling happy.

I have put weight on because of Christmas but I’m going to the gym regularly and even have favourite classes, I’m eating better and I’ve had one glass of wine in 10 days and not smoked this year which for those of you who know me is quite remarkable!

So for anyone reading who feels like 2020 needs shaking up and a change needs to happen I’d completely recommend giving it a go. My life is so much better that I hardly recognise myself! I have more time for myself, James, my family, Monty and my friends which is more important to me than anything else and the best part is I haven’t had to sacrifice anything. I just had to be honest enough to say I wasn’t happy and brave enough to change that.

I’m determined to keep up with the blog this year so I’ll post again soon 😊

Monty and Me xxx

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