Am I broody?

So I’ve always been a person who wants to have children. If there’s a baby in the room I’m the first to want a cuddle and in the past when I’ve been single I’ve always dreamed of meeting THE guy and having children with him.

I’m now older so thought I’d want them more, plus I’ve met THE guy so even more reason to want them…however, my sisters both had beautiful girls 2 years ago and having been around them I see more than just the fun play time and cuddles before bed.

I lived with one of my sisters last year for a couple of months with my boyfriend and we were very grateful for the offer of a bed while we got our own place sorted, but we are also grateful for the lesson in how bloody hard being a parent is!

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it is the most rewarding job to have and it’s amazing having a mini me who adores you and loves you unconditionally but what you don’t see is the tantrums, refusal to do anything you want them to do and the way they stop you from sleeping or having any time to yourself…ever! You can’t even pee alone! My dog follows me into the bathroom now and again but he doesn’t quiz me or try to get on my lap while I’m having a call from nature. He also doesn’t shout ‘boobies’ when I get in the shower. (I’d be straight on Britain’s for Talent if he could)

I guess it made me think of the very basic Sex education we had when I was in school and how it only dealt with 0.2% of what having a baby means. It’s a lifetime commitment, you can’t have a day off or skip a walk (thinking of the dog when I’m hungover) or ignore a cry or nappy change. You can’t just get dressed and pop to the shop or make plans without thinking about 1,000,000 scenarios! Plus you have to pack a caravan if you need to go away for just one night.

This alone was enough to work as a contraceptive for a while but then my sister had twins. TWINS! They are absolutely beautiful, incredible and I love them with all of my heart but I can now say with utter conviction…no I am not broody!!

High five and hats off to all you parents out there, especially my wonderful sisters and their misters who are amazing parents. I have respect for every single one of you and will think of you while enjoying bubble baths, adult holidays and my time peeing alone.

M&M x

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