Peaks, Pies and Swingers

Last week saw J and I heading to the Peak District for a romantic break away. We travelled for 3 hours up to our lovely, cosy cottage, a part of the Charles Cotton Hotel which is tucked away in a sleepy village in the heart of the countryside.

The scenery is breathtaking with green fields and original crooked stone walls lining every field and road. We headed to The Cheshire Cheese Pub in Buxton where we enjoyed playing their weekly quiz! We absolutely love a quiz even though we regularly come last or second to last when we go! If anyone wants to join us on a Tuesday night at 9pm in Caerphilly we would welcome the help!

If your travelling to the Peak District then Buxton was a lovely place with lots of little pubs and shops with really welcoming and friendly locals who will happily tell you all the best places to visit!

The next day on recommendation from said locals we went to the Monsal Trail to hire bikes for a 10 mile cycle along disused railway tracks, through tunnels and over bridges all the while taking in breathtaking views. I originally had the idea of a romantic tandem ride where we would cycle together in harmony while birds tweeted and the wind blew through our hair. In reality we had a brief practice in the car park which resulted in J getting very red and angry and swearing more than I had ever heard before while I laughed til I cried (still not able to put my feet on the pedals) Trust me it is a lot harder than it looks and in no way romantic, quite the opposite in fact!

The next day went to Speedwell Cavern and Peak Cavern or the Devils Arse as it’s better known for the very distinctive sound the water makes as its leaving the cave…Both are definitely worth a visit but I’d advise a rain coat and sensible footwear as it’s dark and water tends to drip on your head quite often!

We also went to sample the famous Bakewell Tart and lesser known Pudding in the famous Bakewell Pudding Shop I ordered the pudding and custard and it was delicious. I’m not a huge pudding fan but the tart jam with the sweet pastry and custard was just heaven on a plate. You must go and try some.

At breakfast on our first morning the very busy waitresses were warm, friendly and comical at times with the youngest clumsily dropping cutlery or mixing up orders and saying ‘sorry’ more times than I can remember. They were so lovely though and the food was amazing. Fresh and cooked to order hot breakfast with the well known local addition of Oatcakes which is like a savoury pancake (it’s yummy!).

The older waitress who turned out to be the younger girls Mum was really chatty and told us animatedly all about the history of the hotel which was known for swingers back in the day. Thankfully this was no longer a feature at the hotel and we were left without offers of chucking our keys in a bowl.

The decoration on the walls was incredible with hand painted murals lining the various rooms in the hotel. The waitress also pointed out the unusual additions of naked women and men hidden into the images, which are below of you want to see if you can spot them! (Some are more obvious than others!)

Overall we had a fantastic time and I would highly recommend the Peak District as a destination. If you’re looking for adventure or just to relax then it’s the perfect place to go come rain or shine.

M&M (and J) x

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