Love is all you need*

*and time, money, a home, healthy diet, exercise, sleep, willpower, a job….the list goes on.

Ahhh January, how i’ve missed you! The one month of the year I promise myself I will get back to the gym, eat healthier and drink less.  So far I have been to the gym a handful of times and not for very long each time, I have drunk less than I did in December but then that isn’t hard! and I have made more of an effort to make lunch and bring it to work. (I brought lunch once, last week).

Why is it so hard to make time to do things that you know will make you feel better?

I am currently living with my boyfriend in the spare bedroom of my sister and brother-in-law’s house with their 20 month old little girl (Oh and they are expecting twins) waiting for the purchase of a house to complete.  I have also just started a new job in a very busy, demanding role that means I have no time to think between 8.30am and the time I leave that day (sometimes after that).

I need to find a way to switch off of an evening (without the need for wine) that leaves me as physically tired as I am mentally.  BUT I also need the energy to go to the gym when I have finished a days work, make breakfast and lunch ready for the next day, keep on top of the washing, read my emails relating to our house purchase and the admin that goes with that, make time for my boyfriend and I also need to shower now and again…

How do people have time to make time for everything that you need time for?!

I have a new found respect for anyone that has this all figured out and any tips or tools to help with time management will be greatly received!

M&M x

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